Classical Music and Social Media

According to an article in Los Angeles Times, “to many, digital media is the sound  of salvation for classical music. To others, it’s another power chord crushing the soul of the art from itself”(Kevin Berger). Lang Lang, one of the most famous classical pianists of this generation and one of the more interactive on social media, believes that social media is crucial for the modern music industry, “there needs to be more dialogue between musicians and scientists to create new software and apps” (“Midem”, 2013). However, he also stated, “no software can replicate human feeling” (qtd. in Classic fm).

Lang Lang, a chinese professional classical pianist, has often been praised for his success in using social media to spread the classical music. He wants to show young people that classical music is not old-fashioned, that is still present and they can enjoy it as any other type of music. Norman Lebrecht, an author, novelist, broadcaster and cultural commentator, stated, “Inverne Price Music Consultancy has signed an exclusive agreement for social networking strategic services with Lang Lang” (qtd. in Arts Journal).


 “As a musician who has just turned 30, Lang Lang is of his generation – but it’s not only his generation who spend much of their lives communicating through Twitter, Facebook and the rest,” says Inverne Price’s James Inverne, “So many of us now live much of our lives online, and Lang Lang uses these new media channels excitingly to spread the word about the world’s greatest music. And in so doing, he touches millions with his own talent.” (Norman Lebrecht).

One social media specialist that works with Iverne Price said, “Social media is such an exciting and evolving tool for connecting artists with their fans, colleagues and causes.  Given his nearly unprecedented global reach and proponence of new technologies, there’s no one better to leverage the power of this digital medium than Lang Lang. We’re thrilled to help bring Lang Lang’s music – and classical music in general – to an even wider audience in engaging and compelling ways” (Matt Herman).

Lang Lang, with the purpose of spreading classical music, is present in many networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube platform. He promoted his concerts, events, master classes and communicate with their fans. In Facebook the fans can comment in the photos or news and share opinions. In Twitter account the followers  can also comment on the latest news and concerts, share opinions and see photos and videos. In Youtube they can see videos about all his concerts and  comment it too.

Here is another interesting video of Lang Lang speaking about his use of social media. 

Adeline chia, a chinese arts journalist of Artinfo, published an article of an interview of Lang Lang. She asked him, “You run a very active Twitter account. Do you make your own social media posts and what do you enjoy about it?”. Lang Lang answered, “I tweet almost every day, and sometimes multiple tweets each day. I enjoy sharing my life with my followers very much, and I like to keep up to date with other people’s lives” (qtd. in Blouin Artinfo).



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