The Piano Guys

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Reporters as Alexa Verdugo, Baby A. Gil and Kindra Cooper have used the example of the american musical group to illustrate the process of their successful career as musicians through the Youtube channel platform, and  they also have criticized the music that they create which have spread worldwide thanks to the social media.

The piano guys is the name of one american musical duo, which consists of pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson. According to Artists Illustrated, “The piano guys are also 21st century multimedia collective that includes Paul Anderson, studio engineer and writer Al Van Der Beek, and videographer Tel Stewart. Together they produce musical and video gems that mash up classical themes with pop songs that have made the group’s YouTube channel one of the most visited on the planet” (qtd. in Billboard)Austen Diamond, an american event and editorial photographer and journalist, stated that Anderson didn’t know what a cello was and that he could not care less about classical music because he thought it was boring as many young people who don’t get to it because it isn’t cool. Austen also stated that Anderson believes that “maybe they will be able to help the future of classical music”(qtd. in City Weekly).

Here you have one video of the group to know more about their story, vision, and so on.

“The Piano Guys idea was sparked in 2007,” stated Alexa Verdugo Morgan, “Anderson used the downtime to educate himself in social media promotion to help his business, and stumbled upon a video on YouTube by Schmidt and Sharp Nelson called Love Story Meets Viva la Vida, a mash-up of the Taylor Swift and Coldplay hits. He was awestruck by the collaboration and inspired to create something similar” (qtd. in StGeorgeUtha web page).

Alexa reported the result of fans that followed them in Youtube platform:

The modern-classical combination “Michael Meets Mozart” received a modest amount of views from Schmidt’s existing fan base, enough to catch YouTube’s attention. The Piano Guys were entered in the “On the Rise” contest, winning “Most Up-and-Coming Channel” in June 2011. The win earned them nearly 25,000 new subscribers and jump-started their ascent to online fame. Over the next year, The Piano Guys kept producing videos every week or two, gaining thousands of fans from around the world with each new creation. They eventually all left their day jobs, devoting a majority of their time and effort to continuing their group’s rapidly growing success (qtd. in StGeorgeUah).

As one writer explained, “They play pop, hip-hop, rock and of course classical, sometimes with one tune several mashed up together or all of these genres. The booklet inside the album The Piano Guys carries this quote from the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven. “Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its Secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the Divine”(Baby A. Gil, The Phillippine Star). She believes that those words are very “apt” to describe the CD contents.

“YouTube has dramatically changed the face of the music industry — it’s sort of leveled the playing field a little bit and offered people like us, who normally I think a record label would have looked over, because we are not a typical record label model for success, an opportunity. We’re middle-aged guys playing classical instruments in a natural setting,” Nelson said, self-deprecatingly (Kindra Cooper, Jakarta).



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