Did you know what is? What it provides and how it works? If you would like to find information on topics that are of your interest, this is the perfect tool!

The aim of this post is to analyze in depth information management tool in order to understand how it works and how useful it can be.


WHAT IS IT? is clever publishing platform that help individuals and businesses to organize great content of information about different topics available on the web.It lets users discover, enrich and share relevant content on their topics of expertise. This helps them build their online presence through topic pages from which they feed their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Toulouse, France where it recruits seasoned engineers and social media professionals. It was founded by Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier.


As Rip Empson stated, “ provides anyone and everyone the ability to create their own digital magazines — to aggregate and distribute content according to their particular interests — not unlike Pressly or OnSwipe” (“techcrunch”).


Here you have a video about!



You have to follow some steps in order to use it properly:

  1. Discover content that is of your interest.
  2. Create a topic. You can select several social networks to publish the information of your own topic (Facebook, Twitter…).
  3. You can set up URL’s of blogs, magazines, etc. Also, twitter accounts and lists. You have to customize your sources in order to have better topics.
  4. Once your topic is created, you have to review suggestions and decide what to publish on your topic.


USERS is suitable for those who want to search and collect information about several topics that matter them. Here everyone is a publisher because users create a topic and then publish and share it with the community. For example, they can be professionals such as blog editors, journalists, businesses, online teachers, etc.



I decided to write a post about because it was the only information management tool that was unknown to me and I was curious about how it works.

When I registered on the web page, I did not know how to manage it, so I started searching information on the net, and also several articles and videos to understand how it works. It was simpler than I thought because the design is very clever and it is easier to manage than other social networks that I use.

In conclusion, I think it is very useful and helpful website to “scoop” information and get a more in depth view and knowledge on the topics that you are interested in.




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